Voedselcollectief Utrecht



We work together with local farmer en get products for a fair price, enough for the producer, not too much for the consumer.


For every product, we want it to be clear for everybody where it is produced and how.


The products are healty and fresh, are made as much as possible in an environment friendly way and with minimal waste in the process.

We are a small group currently working on setting up a food collective in Utrecht, to buy sustainable, organic and locally produced food at a reasonable price. We’d love for anyone who is interested to join us! Any form of participation is possible and wanted: whether you have advice, want to share your thoughts, want to help make this food collective a reality, or are just interested in purchasing produce, we want to know! Below is a brief outline of the plan so far:

A food collective?

The purpose of Voko Utrecht is to make organic and locally produced food available at a reasonable price. Reasonable for both the consumer and the producer. By buying vegetables, fruits and other foodstuff collectively from local farmers, we can bypass distribution centers and retailers, and both the farmers and members of the Voko will benefit! First, financially – we strive to ensure that the products can be purchased by members of the Voko at only 5-10% above wholesale prices. Each member of the collective – so anyone who buys products – will in the somehow contribute to reducing costs. The idea is that together we take care of the purchasing and distribution of the produce from our suppliers, while they receive a fair price for their products. Products will be ordered through an online form, and each week – or every other week – these orders will be placed collectively with our affiliated farmers, they will then deliver the produce to a central location from where the products are sorted by the members of the Voko. All tasks – administrative, PR , distribution – will be done by the members of the Voko. Each member will contribute about 2 – 4 hours per month, which will enable us to significantly cut the cost of our food.

Benefits VOKO:

A frequently asked question is that there are all sorts of organic food parcels on the market, so what is the difference ? Well it is always good to have options. So here is a quick overview of the benefits of a Voko:

  • Fresh, organic, and locally produced food
  • Transparency of the production and distribution process
  • Fair price
  • Sustainable supply: less transport and less packaging
  • Choose what you want to order

Want to join?

Voko Utrecht is still at an early stage of starting up and that’s why we want to spread the news: anyone can now join and shape Voko Utrecht ! The plan is to further develop our plans in April and May 2014 and visit other food collectives in the Netherlands with a group to learn from them and be inspired. This summer we hope to start placing orders for the initial members, naturally, how this will all take shape, also depends on the number of people signing up.

Become a member

Setting up a food collective is ideally something that anyone can contribute to, so any help is welcome! Members can help with the development of plans to set up Voko Utrecht: We hope many will be interested in coming with us to visit existing food collectives. There are many things needed : a place to distribute the produce, suppliers, a solid administration system etc. .. We are also very interested in experiences of existing and no longer existing food collectives in and around Utrecht. Finally we would be very happy to hear from people who are interested in purchasing products when Voko Utrecht starts ordering and distributing.

Want to learn more about food collectives? Check out these websites:

In short, are you interested in Voko Utrecht in any way? Let us know! Would you like to share your thoughts and/or help with setting up the food collective? Send an email to: info@vokoutrecht.nl. If you are interested in the progress we are making, and in buying products in the future, let us know by leaving your contact details below, and we will keep you updated.